Archipelago by Gaëlle Villedary

Inspired by the world beneath us, the Archipelago series celebrates the magical submarine universe, in all its evocative glory.

Drawing inspiration from macro– and microscopic worlds, Villedary's series reflects the beauty of biology combined with underwater graphics of coral, algae, reef life, and jellyfish. To create this complexand ethereal collection, she first sketched the designs by hand before digitally layering her creations and then contouring the final product. The resulting designs are full of colour, gorgeous repetition nuance– and foremost, life.

Born in 1976, Gaëlle Villedary was raised in France, Cameroon, and Morocco.

After studying Applied Arts at Marc Bloch University in Strasbourg, Villedary collaborated with Hatim Elmrinito launch Green Object Studio in 2001. After relocating to Marseilles in 2007, she trained as a precious metal artist as well as an educator, qualifying her to teach and share her knowledge of design and visual arts.

Villedary presented her first solo exhibition in 2009.

The following year she exhibited at the Gallery Susini in Aix-en-Provence, among others, and participated in the International Miniature Art Biennial in Quebec. In Canada, she was nominated for several awards and received a grant from the city of Toulouse to display the Jungle of Genes at the La Novela festival.