Empire of Dreams by PHUNK

Empire of Dreams is a celebration of those who embrace the state of reverie. This collection is inspired by nonconformists and rule-breakers; those who invent and imagine; dare to heal, to love, explore, create, and inspire. These dreamers push boundaries and change the world.

To create this series for the Design Collective, PHUNK revisited its own early days of dreaming and experimentation with visuals and digital design, forming an offering that is characterised by fresh artistic vision and innovative techniques. The resulting designs feature thematic journeys that are as complex as any work of art in literature, music, or drama. PHUNK is a Singapore-based contemporary art and design collective founded in 1994 by LaSalle College of the Arts students Alvin Tan, Melvin Chee, Jackson Tan, and William Chan.

Blending and interpreting a variety of influences into creations that reflect its multicultural identity, PHUNK challenges conventional notions of the artist and commercial design studio by focusing on new approaches to visual expression.

With clients such as Nike, Nokia, MTV, Daimler Chrysler, Comme des Garçons, Levi's, and Tiger Beer, PHUNK projects span the worlds of art, design, publishing, fashion, music, film, and interactive media.

In addition to lecturing and exhibiting across the globe, PHUNK has been featured in international publications and achieved various honors, including Singapore's 2007 Designer of the Year Award.