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Hôtel de Crillon, A Rosewood Hotel by Chahan Minassian, Paris

Jardin d'Hiver

Bar Les Ambassadeurs

Suite 701

Interior Design:
Chahan Minassian

Artistic Direction:
Aline Asmar d'Amman

The building now known as Hôtel de Crillon was originally constructed in 1758 to host ambassadors from around the world. A masterpiece of 18th century architecture, it proudly overlooks Place de la Concorde.

Inside, the hotel boasts a long history of elevated design. At the time of its conception, the residence was decorated by the era’s finest artists and craftsmen. In 2013, Hôtel de Crillon embarked upon a renovation to add contemporary polish while preserving character and legacy.

Under the guidance of renowned architect Richard Martinet, the artistic director Aline Asmar d’Amman and Paris-based decorators Chahan Minassian, Cyril Vergniol, and Tristan Auer have created a rich tapestry of sophisticated interiors wherein bespoke Tai Ping carpets play an important role.

The rugs pay homage to the majesty of the locale. Designed to be in conversation with the décor, grandiose floor coverings elevate and accentuate the neoclassical architecture. Large-scale Tai Ping textiles grace the floor of select suites, creating the impression of crisp, expansive marble. The carpet in the lobby imitates inlaid tile in the shape of a star.