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Curated Retail

Tai Ping understands that luxury retail environments are created through the careful curation of design elements that complement the products and services offered by the brand. As specialists in the Boutique Stores sector, Tai Ping has partnered with the world’s most respected luxury brands to determine the best designs, fibres, colours, shapes and construction for each individual project. Our specialists are also skilled in managing critical schedules, making sure every project is completed on time with carpets that are fit for use and worthy of the Tai Ping name.

Luxury Meets

Tai Ping collaborates with clients to manage each project’s aesthetics, craftsmanship, comfort and performance. No two interiors are alike, so striking an appropriate balance between luxury and performance requires a high level of technical expertise, creativity and experience.

Tai Ping collaborates with each client to help them realise their vision of a perfect interior. Bringing creativity and personal or brand expression to life, Tai Ping carpets can be found in many of the world’s most prestigious residential and commercial settings, including some of the most celebrated retail spaces.
Tai Ping collections bring a design concept to life through a cohesive blending of style, colour and construction, all centred around a unified theme or inspiration. Our vast archive is an ever-evolving source of inspiration where every design may be customised with a limitless variation of patterns, colours and textures in order to realise a personal design vision or to meet the demands of luxury retail environments.

Technical Information

Identifying the correct product specifications is essential to ensure Boutique Store carpets meet all performance standards as well as the expectations of owners and staff. Tai Ping experts are ready to assist in determining the best constructions, colours, fibres and designs to meet the requirements of any project, large or small.

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Tai Ping has a proven track record in servicing Boutique Store clients and our specialists understand the needs of luxury clientele. Contact us today to get started on your next design collaboration.

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