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Tai Ping Showcases Photorealism Tapestry to Celebrate New Flagship Showroom Opening

London Craft Week 2024

Tai Ping, creator of expertly crafted bespoke and handmade luxury rugs since 1956, will unveil an intricately executed Photorealism Tapestry at its new Fulham Road showroom.

Inspired by the natural beauty of Carrara marble and the breathtaking craftsmanship of the iconic Queen Victoria memorial statue, Tai Ping will present a wall hanging that depicts an abstracted section of undulating folds and carvings.

The highly detailed and subtle design necessitates supreme levels of rug artistry. Only Tai Ping’s master tufters could achieve the almost photographic detail required, which took 2,123 hours to craft. The artisans have been given free rein to execute the design using the techniques and tones they deem most appropriate, Tai Ping will commemorate their decades-long mastery of the craft using in-store motion graphics that provide glimpses inside the workings of the production.

The balanced composition of the tapestry is inspired by a carefully selected portion of the intricate dress worn by Queen Victoria. The design has now become an abstract reference, showing Tai Ping’s continuous dedication to contemporary design. A soft malleable material that was modelled after the static marble statue, the tapestry has been hand-crafted with the finest wool yarn, utilising a total of 287 colours.

In addition, the representation of the abstract drapery offers an insight into what the brand prepares to launch in the new showroom: an endless stream of new projects in collaboration with London's creative community.

Natasha Laing Bonwick, UK Country Manager, Tai Ping, says, “This new store opening is an exciting moment in Tai Ping’s history and we wanted to celebrate it with a showstopping design that celebrates the skill of our artisans. They translate seemingly impossible designs on a daily basis, many of which end up in private homes, so we really wanted to show London what they are capable of.”

The Artistry of Tai Ping

The complexity of Tai Ping creations calls for exceptional artisanal skills. The standard of excellence that has defined the Tai Ping brand is evidence not only in the company’s exquisitely handcrafted products but also in the spirit and commitment of its workers at all levels of design and execution.