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An Environmentally-Conscious Program

During Fuorisalone in Milan, Tai Ping will proudly present the Biophilic Program through an immersive installation by Italian agency Studio Salaris to take place in Milan's showroom.

Crafted exclusively from UNDYED NATURAL MATERIALS, this groundbreaking initiative unveils 16 meticulously created in-house patterns, each a testament to Tai Ping's dedication to environmental sustainability.

The biophilic concept of design, which influenced these new works, recognises the innate human desire to be surrounded by nature. These sustainable compositions bloom, sprout and warp, mimicking organic forms of the outside world. Raw, natural fibres remain undyed, eliminating a water-consuming step of the manufacturing process and simultaneously creating a soothing and distinctive palette of whites, creams, beiges, browns and greys.

The designs not only captivate the eye but also echo Tai Ping's profound commitment to both eco-conscious design and functionality. With over six decades of dedication to sustainable practices, Tai Ping remains at the forefront of innovation, prioritizing the use of natural, renewable fibers such as ethical New Zealand wool, silks, and plant fibers to create timeless, exceptional products of unparalleled quality.

The Biophilic Collection

The eight couture offerings in the Biophilic Collection are named after essential oil plants with designs that were extracted from nature. Taking inspiration from the natural Japanese tie dye technique of Shibori, these compositions create an impression of ink. Various shades of wools – from super whites to a range of Berber, felted, and lacet shaped – are juxtaposed with multiple silk types, cashmere blend, jute and flax. The whole array of Tai Ping’s hand-tufting expertise is on display in this collection, including gradation, multi-level pile heights and specialty sheering, resulting in remarkably intricate designs.

The Biophilic Series

The Biophilic Series introduces eight hybrid-tufted carpets, each one a plush testament to elegant simplicity. Neutral palettes with subtle nuances lend themselves to geometric designs, creating accessible, adaptable pieces. The series, rendered primarily in wool with touches of flax, bamboo, felted wool and jute to introduce contrasting sheen, plays with the concepts of light and reflection. Rough and irregular patches communicate hand gestures of artisanal techniques, imbuing each piece with a wild authenticity.

Each Biophilic carpet is unique due to the use of undyed natural fibres, which vary in tones from season to season and batch to batch. The 16 new rugs will be offered primarily as stock in multiple sizes, enabling customers to discern the characteristics of each piece.