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Callidus Guild is the vision of Yolande Milan Batteau, a trained and exhibited fine artist who brings decades of aesthetic and decorative skills to the studio. In her work across mediums, Batteau draws inspiration from ancient techniques from around the world, finding new expressions of traditional artforms through iterative experimentation.


Tai Ping is a certified Label STEP Fair Trade Partner

We are committed to the wellbeing of weavers and workers in the handmade carpet industry. Each Tai Ping rug helps improve the lives of the people who created it.

Label STEP is more than just a label. To address the complex issues of the handmade carpet industry at their roots, Label STEP takes a solutions-based approach. Founded in Switzerland in 1995, the non-profit organization’s comprehensive fair trade standards encompass universal human rights, including the prohibition of child labour; working conditions; fair wages and eco-friendly production.

As a Certified STEP Fair Trade Partner, Tai Ping commits to independent audits throughout the supply chain. STEP actively supports producer improvements while empowering weavers and workers through educational programs that cover such topics as health and safety and financial literacy.

Through these combined efforts, Tai Ping and Label STEP reinforce industry sustainability and help preserve centuries-old artisanal skills.