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Chinese artist and designer Danful Yang reinvents traditional Chinese art and craft techniques using modern Western materials to create playful and visually dynamic works. Yang’s cross-cultural works incorporate objects and materials in unexpected juxtapositions, blending craftsmanship with tongue-in-cheek modern aesthetics.

Most recently, Yang has explored the process and aesthetics of packaging in her Packing Me Softly series where she explores attitudes toward the contents and the packaging box itself.

"Most of the time, we focus on the contents and not the box itself" she says, "the box protects the contents we care about, while the box does not get the basic respect it deserves. There are parallels everywhere in society, like where we care about the cleanliness of the city, but do not show respect to street cleaners."

Yang's collaboration with Tai Ping, entitled The Whispers Series, includes three original carpet designs that feature aspects of packing boxes, reimagined using delicate materials enhanced with hand embroidery.