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YT Astrakan II

Yacht 2011 Collection
Tai Ping
The innovative Yacht 2011 collection in brilliant blue was inspired by the Ibiza summer spirit, creating a series of designs that contrast raw effects and sparkling crystals. Steel blue has been sublimated and brightened by fluorescent lights, while pixel effects recreate twinkling skylines. Folkloric patterns have been subtly fused to offer pioneering designs, and tie dye inspires Tai Ping's hand-tufting technique.
Design Details

Laurent Buttazzoni is an acclaimed French architect and interior designer based in Paris. After collaborating side-by-side with Andree Putman for seven years, in 1995 Buttazzoni started his own design agency, now called Laurent Buttazzoni Architecture Intérieure. His projects, including the Thaddeus Ropac Gallery in Pantin, are known for their rigor and contemporary elegance as well as their deep sense of culture. Buttazzoni is regularly featured in Architectural Digest, Elle Décor and Wallpaper. For Tai Ping, Buttazzoni created five designs, each in multiple colourways, for the Galerie collection.