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AV Jablines II

Raw Collection for Aviation
Tai Ping
The Raw collection explores the origins of our planet with a focus on minerals, transposing hard material into something soft and luxurious thanks to the unparalleled tufting skills of Tai Ping artisans.
Design Details

Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance is a French designer working across a wide range of disciplines and materials to create a unified body of work with a narrative deeply rooted in nature. Fuelled by a rich creative background, Noé approaches design with an instinct and sensibility that gives form to projects ranging from architecture to furniture, interiors to bespoke, limited edition collections. He has designed a wide range of furniture collections, written multiple books, held exhibitions and completed many interior design projects. His Raw collection for Tai Ping explores the origins of our planet, transposes hard materials into something soft and luxurious.