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AV Terra I

Iconics Edition for Aviation
Edward Fields
Terra, the most popular Edward Fields design in the last 65 years is reengineered in felted wool with a new colour palette of brown and purple. Terra was designed in the mid-50s by Van Day Truex for Mrs. Brooke Astor. She wanted a dog proof carpet. This project was published in Town and Country Spring-Summer 1964. This design is expertly tufted by skilled artisans.
Design Details

Van Day Truex was an American interior designer and professor of design with a style that emphasized aesthetics over function. He was not interested in the mechanical process of materials, but rather in the visual representation. During a time when interior design was not as highly recognized, Truex gave a sense of quality and style that was driven by a motivated and controlled approach. Truex has been dubbed ‘the man who defined twentieth-century taste and style’ by biographer Adam Lewis. Others have called him the father of twentieth -century American design.