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Boons I

La Petite Galerie Collection
Tai Ping
Fanciful and fashionable, the Petite Galerie collection was designed by artists Jean-Vincent Sénac and Nathalie Lété to cater to a new generation of discerning consumers: children. This collection embodies the boundless sense of possibility of a child's imagination, expressed in a brilliant palette and whimsical designs. All rugs in this collection are expertly tufted by Tai Ping artisans.
Design Details

Jean-Vincent Sénac is a Paris-based French illustrator known for his humorous flip books including How to Draw a Chicken and The Meditating Cat. Sénac’s books charm readers of all ages with humour and imagination, bringing entertaining characters to life through witty text and simple outline drawings. For Tai Ping, Sénac developed a series of whimsical rug designs featuring cats, elephants, snails and more for the Petite Galerie collection, embodying the boundless sense of possibility of a child's imagination.