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Clelia Firebird

Edition One Collection
Tai Ping
Edition One is a collection of designs that offer conceptual sophistication and contemporary sensibility, brought to life through collaborations with a diverse group of designers who have all previously contributed their creativity and talent to Tai Ping. All designs in this collection are expertly tufted by Tai Ping artisans.
Design Details

Zoé Ouvrier is a master woodworker, carving evocative screens and panels whose themes are mostly inspired by nature. She combines the techniques of engraving, painting and drawing to breathe new life into wood. The imprinted bark evokes skin and life, the original matrix of which the forest and humanity are made. Her poetic body of work allows viewers to see and touch a space between nature and texture in a three-dimensional aspect. Ouvrier contributed her talents to Clélia for Tai Ping’s Edition One collection which features her trademark organic branch designs in bold, shaped area rugs.