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Heavenly II

Archive Edition
Edward Fields
The Archive Edition is a suite of some 40 designs showcasing many of Edward Fields' most recognizable and best-loved patterns including retro geometrics, lyrical abstract patterns, and riotous florals. The Archive Edition is, in essence, a visual history of the brand itself. All designs in this edition are expertly tufted by skilled artisans.
Design Details

Raymond Loewy, a Paris-born, US-based industrial designer, is celebrated for his broad range of design work from the late 1920s through the 1970s. Loewy is best known for his iconic designs such as the Lucky Strike cigarette package, the slenderized Coca-Cola bottle, the streamlined Greyhound bus, and more. Loewy’s rug designs for Edward Fields are simultaneously nostalgic and timeless, featuring geometric patterns in natural and celestial motifs. The most widely recognized design, Picnic Blanket, was ordered for the Kaufmann desert house in Palm Springs, one of the most iconic mid-century homes in the US.