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Parcours Lin I

Galerie Collection
Tai Ping
The Galerie collection represents carpets and rugs edited by Tai Ping and designed by a culturally diverse selection of the world's most talented designers and artists. This collection illustrates collective creativity, innovative expertise and superb finishing techniques. All designs in this collection are expertly tufted by Tai Ping artisans.
Design Details

Jean-Pierre Tortil first turned from a career in the decorative arts gallery world to interior and furniture design for Michel Boyer. In 1992 he went on to become the head of Ecart International and head of licensing for Andree Putman, and while living in Brazil he designed numerous stage sets for theatre, dance and live music. After launching a career in interior design spanning Israel, France, USA, UK and Brazil, Tortil served as creative director for Tai Ping, later creating his own interiors agency in Paris. Tortil’s designs are included in the Galerie collection with Parcours later integrated into the Edition One collection.