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YT Photonastie II

Yacht 2017 Collection - Floe
Tai Ping
Floe, Tai Ping's 2017 Yacht collection, features 18 new designs that draw inspiration from the spectacular panoramas of Iceland. Gigantic flowers mix with geometric patterns and outstanding gradient effects, playing with our senses.
Design Details

Paris-based, Danish ceramist and multi-talented designer Helle Damkjær has done many successful collaborations with luxury brands in New York, Tokyo, Paris and Copenhagen. Her work is often described as elegant and sensual, an impression born from a perfect balance between materials, shapes and design – a testament to her Scandinavian roots. Damkjær’s minimalistic functionality and the beauty of form can be found in furniture, lighting, ceramics, sculptural jewellery and an area rug from Tai Ping. Photonastie, included within the Galerie collection, is patterned with harmonious curves, nuanced textures and subtle shades, combining to create the illusion of changing perspective.