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Pocantico II

Nakashima Edition
Edward Fields
The “Pocantico” design was created in 1974 when George Nakashima was asked to design the furniture for the Rockefeller’s Japanese house at Pocantico Hills. The rug originally designed for the main dining room was never manufactured but gave the opportunity to the Edward Fields creative team and Mira Nakashima to interpret the sketch following George Nakashima’s notes. The original size and line drawings were kept as is while the textures marked on the sketch were interpreted into different species and colors of wood under Mira Nakashima’s direction. The result is an intricate rug made in a sophisticated mix of wool and sisal requiring unique expertise and craftsmanship. This design is expertly tufted by skilled artisans.
Design Details

George Nakashima was trained in architecture then turned to furniture-making, and he was first to make woodworking a fine art. He collaborated with Edward Fields in late 1950s by creating a series of drawings to be translated into rugs that resulted in two pieces in 1959. These rugs were the start of a new collaboration between Nakashima’s children, Mira and Kevin, and the Edward Fields design team. This amazing team effort brought the collaboration to a new level by interpreting a packet of 60-year-old Nakashima sketches into a new series including six rugs and one tapestry launched in 2015.