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Year of the Dragon I

Lunar Zodiac Collection
Tai Ping

In celebration of The Year of The Dragon, the fifth zodiac in the twelve-year cycle, Tai Ping has created a truly remarkable wall-hanging masterpiece portraying a majestic oriental dragon in resplendent gold against a backdrop of soothing cream tones. The Dragon, known as a symbol of good luck, strength, nobility and health, aligns perfectly with the vibrant energy and promising opportunities that 2024 holds.

The dragon is depicted in all its glory, cradling a flaming pearl known as the "flaming pearl of wisdom" or "dragon's pearl." This precious symbol embodies spiritual energy, wisdom, prosperity, power, and immortality. The pearl, often associated with the moon, represents yin energy, while the dragon symbolises yang energy. Together, they epitomise the harmonious balance of yin and yang, a fundamental principle deeply rooted in Chinese philosophy and culture. The scene unfolds against a soft cream-colored backdrop adorned with cloud patterns, showcasing a captivating palette of 18 different colors.

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