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Holiday House 2019 by Bennett Leifer, New York

Project name: Bennett Leifer Holiday House 2019

Location: Manhattan, NY

Interior Design: Bennett Leifer

Photography: Marco Ricca

Carpet Design: Prismatic I bespoke coloration from the Chroma collection

Our studio team up with Leifer to create a bespoke coloration of Prismatic pattern in field yarn for the Holiday House, charity event in New York city. Leifer described his inspiration came from a recent visit to the Neues Palais in Potsdam, Germany, that sparked his living room concept, which explores how historic spaces evolve over time. Alongside antique portraits, wall hanging, and eye-catching graffiti plastered across the walls conveying names and messages in honor of people touched by breast cancer. This was 100% a collaborative effort

Chroma Collection
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