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Le Meurice Hotel by Philippe Starck, Paris

Salon Dali & Gastronomic Restaurant

Interior Design:
Philippe Starck

At over 180 years old, Le Meurice is among the most historic hotels in Paris. Classic elegance meets modern style in the hotel’s two restaurants, which were reimagined with contemporary flair by the inimitable Philippe Starck and his daughter, Ara Starck.

Le Meurice Alain Ducasse gourmet restaurant resides in a beautifully restored salon that overlooks the Jardin des Tuileries. A custom-made hand-tufted Tai Ping carpet blends seamlessly into the décor, carrying on the design of the stately tiled floor with a cooler colourway. A rich black rim outlines the round carpet, subtly drawing the eye to the elegant shift.

Restaurant Le Dalí takes a more whimsical approach to design. Custom-made and hand-tufted, the Tai Ping carpets that adorn the floors seem to flow and jump, as if dancing around the room. Bold colours and contrasting designs reflect the creative spirit of the space.