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FROM THE ARCHIVES: The Elrod House by John Lautner, Palm Springs

Project Name: The Elrod House

Location: Palm Springs, California

Interior Design: Arthur Elrod

Architecture: John Lautner

Date: 1968 and sequential replacements

Carpet: Circular bespoke designed by William Raiser and Arthur Elrod in 1968

The Elrod House in Palm Springs with spectacular views of Coachella Valley was completed in 1968. This exceptional project was the result of the collaboration between interior designer Arthur Elrod and architect John Lautner. The living room dome appears as floating structure, where the furniture matches the motion with a round Edward Fields rug and furniture by Martin Brattrud.

This architectural gem was highlighted in James Bond 1971 movie Diamond are Forever with Sean Connery. It is also featured in the book cover of ARTHUR ELROD Desert Modern Design, by Adele Cygelman.

Until today, Edward Fields continues to manufacture the carpet replacement for this formidable circular rug design.