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Syrinx I

Nephele Collection
Tai Ping
Syrinx is an ode to the ballet of high grass in the wind with an embroidered soft celadon silk ribbon running through the surface of the carpet, depicting thousands of blades in the most aerial and celestial manner. All designs in the Nephele collection are expertly tufted by Tai Ping artisans.
Design Details

Renowned for their sensual, multi-layered style, architectural use of space and meticulous detailing, Ed Ng and Terence Ngan draw on a wide range of cultural influences to create exceptional, narrative driven interiors for some of the most beautiful hotels, restaurants, clubs and private homes in the world. For its capsule of four couture carpets, Ed and Terence – so fond of storytelling – have found their inspiration from above, looking at the world from the sky. It was only natural to name the set of designs Nephele, after the Greek nymph born from a cloud and Zeus.